November 23, 2022

Koenraad – Our new member

Koenraad Aerts is a Belgian lawyer with a long history to the Nordic countries having studied and lived in Sweden.

‘I find the ambiance in Nordic Spaces very relaxing and inspiring’ says Koenraad, ‘the lounge area is a small oasis of calm and a perfect place to greet my visitors and sit down for an informal talk with other members of Nordic Spaces.’

Koenraad lives in Overijse and getting to the city is not easy by car and there is always a risk of getting stuck in traffic, but he says that ‘because Nordic Spaces Palmerston is located 5 minutes’ walk from the Schuman train station the commute is smooth and fast’.

The proximity to the EU commission in Berlaymont and to the EU Parliament is an added benefit for me, because it is where most of my clients have an EU office.

‘It takes me 5 minutes to walk to Berlaymont and 15 minutes to get to the EU Parliament by foot’ says Koenraad.

Having my home in Overijse and my office in Nordic Spaces Palmerston combines the best of both worlds.